Off-street parking

AppyParking has an unrivalled and rich offering of all car parks across the country.

With the use of the latest and proprietary data gathering technologies, co-operation with parking companies and local authorities, the information available is the most current, accurate and complete set available.

On-street parking

AppyParking has collated on-street parking information across London and the UK’s biggest cities, each parking bay comes with:

  • Restrictions for the time of day
  • Parking tariffs enabling a search for free and cheapest paid parking
  • Real-time on-street availability
  • Controlled parking zones (CPZ's)

Daily petrol prices

AppyParking offers UK wide daily petrol prices and locations for over 8,500 stations. The API shows the nearest and cheapest fuel prices within a specified radius or along an A to B route.

The power of this data can save drivers as much as £30 per tank.

HD kerbside data

Every meter of paint related to parking and traffic flow is digitised and standardised, creating a digital blueprint of all kerbside restrictions. The power of this data can make cars self aware and offer connected cars Last Meter Navigationâ„¢.