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Signs to Lines Lidar Mapping


Signs to Lines


Local Authorities

What We Did

Lidar, photography & machine learning

The Problem

Kerbside Restrictions, otherwise known as Traffic Regulation Orders, are currently represented as either Text Based or Mapped Based orders. Local Authorities use these as legal instruments to implement most traffic controls on their roads.

Unfortunately TROs are currently designed, managed and publicised using outmoded technology, resulting in poor end-to-end data capabilities that are essential for connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) to interact freely with the kerb.

Government bodies are putting increasing pressure on local authorities to expose good parking data in the effort the help reduce congestion and pollution. The Department of Transport have also highlighted the need for connected cars and autonomous vehicles to be connected to a digital infrastructure layer over the existing road network.

The Solution

‘Signs to Lines’ Mapping is the latest patent pending technology that creates the world’s most accurate HD kerbside maps of all the paint on the street related to traffic and parking management.

The ‘Signs to Lines’ Mapping technology uses a combination of state of the art vehicle mounted LiDAR scanners, photography and machine learning. The revolutionary rapid data capture and processing techniques is faster, cheaper and more accurate than existing mapping methods and is key to delivering better data to local authorities.

The machine learning process combines every restriction, rule type, tariff and exemption and creates the world’s first standardised HD Kerbside maps accurate to 3 cm.

The Benefits

Standardised HD Kerbside Restriction Maps open up huge opportunities within the smart city and intelligent mobility sector.

  • Local Authorities can help reduce congestion and pollution by providing the best kerbside data to drivers and fleets.
  • Utilities companies can use the HD maps to help reduce parking fines and increase productivity.
  • Civil Enforcement Officers and Penalty Charge Appeals can use HD maps for reference.
  • Car Sharing companies are gaining popularity. Unfortunately the complex parking landscape means that vehicles are not correctly left in the appropriate place and parking fines are issued to customers, making for a bad consumer experience. HD Kerbside data exposed to these customers would give peace of mind and encourage wider adoption.
  • Connected Vehicles and Autonomous Vehicles need to be connected to the physical and digital infrastructure in order to interact freely with the kerbside.