Traffic orders made ready for mobility

Introducing Mapper. The world’s first integrated solution for digital traffic orders and open, standardised kerbside data. Developed in partnership with three local authorities and funded by Innovate UK, Mapper was created for the public sector, by the public sector.

It’s been specifically designed to address the challenges local authorities face today whilst also unlocking the data that will enable the mobility solutions of the future:

  • Alliance of Parking Data Standards (APDS) ready
  • Accessible public portal and mobility APIs
  • Productivity enhancing features
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Unlock the potential
of the kerb

With increasing demands on infrastructure from ride-hailing and home delivery through to decreasing footfall on local high streets, authorities across the UK are facing significant challenges.

The kerb has tremendous potential to be a catalyst for positive change. Mapper’s streamlined processes and intuitive tools significantly reduce the time and cost that is normally associated with creating or editing Traffic Orders. For authorities this turns TRO changes from painful undertakings into easy to action solutions.

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“This idea enables a vision for smarter parking for UK local authorities, future proofing them for connected transport and mobility as a service. Digital TROs are a core need for other projects Innovate UK is supporting and we are delighted to help bring this innovation to the market.”

Karla Jakeman, Connected Transport Innovation Lead, Innovate UK

Productivity boosting features


Create, manage and track TROs & TMOs. Access a complete history of additions, modifications and revocations. View what was changed, when and why.

Advanced tools

Realise the power of Mapper with smart drawing tools, editors, filters and menus.

Bulk editing

Easily update operating hours and tariffs for any number of bays or lines, authority wide, in seconds.

Public consultation

Proposed orders can be accessed quickly and easily via the public consultation portal. Direct access for the public from any local authority website.

“We have identified real savings in the time is takes to upload and edit data in our zone-based parking approach. Work which used to take several weeks is now done in a few hours. This will allow us to be more flexible in the future and support our mobility projects.”

Sunil Budhdeo, Transport Innovation Manager, Coventry City Council

Innovation enabled benefits for local authorities

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Operational efficiency

  • Streamlined processes
  • Cross department collaboration
  • Reduce FOI requests and processing

Data standardisation

  • APDS ready
  • Open & accessible
  • Single source of centralised data
  • Accurate digital “kerbside twin”

Policy support

  • Improve kerbside access
  • Easily enact changes
  • Transform public engagement
  • Support congestion & pollution reduction initiatives

Future mobility ready

  • Enable smart mobility solutions
  • Realise greater value from existing assets
  • Support DfT ‘Future of Mobility: Urban Strategy’

“Digital Traffic Regulation Orders are an important aspect in highways management and will support Cambridgeshire’s growth in the future. By employing a Digital First approach to the management of Traffic Orders we have identified and realised savings in both time and cost for us as a Highways Authority. Our involvement in developing the Mapper has led to a product that will benefit Highways Authorities not just in the immediacy but will prepare them for future developments such as autonomous vehicles and smart parking.”

Andi Caddy, Highways Engineer, Cambridgeshire
County Council

Easy on-boarding with Mapper

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Mapping solutions

With our ‘Signs to Lines’ technology we can digitally survey your authority and produce a baseline traffic order dataset ready for Mapper.

Data loading

Mapper is interoperable with other GIS systems and we can ingest your existing dataset ensuring a seamless transition.

Tailored training

Configure the training solution that suits your team with on-site workshops, remote webinars and video tutorials to choose from.

Dedicated support

Our team is on hand to make sure your team and wider authority stakeholders realise the maximum benefits Mapper can deliver.

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Our friendly local authorities team are on hand, ready to provide further information or schedule a product demo