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Parking superpowers in your pocket

Sign up today for 30 DAYS of full access for FREE and then find a plan to suit your needs, starting from only 99p!*. 

* No commitment. Cancel anytime. Terms & conditions apply.

Parking superpowers in your pocket

Sign up today for your 2 WEEK FREE TRIAL on Premium and then pay only £4.99 per month*.

* No commitment. Cancel anytime. Terms & conditions apply.

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How can Premium save you money?

See how AppyParking+ can help you save from the very first use by quickly finding free and cheaper parking every time you’re on the move.

Know when paid bays become free

AppyParking+ will help you find free parking where and when you didn’t expect. So you to can park like a local.

Save more than £5 in one session

The difference in cost per parking around a destination can be over £2/hour between parallel streets.

Save on average 10-20 min per journey

Where time is money AppyParking+ premium can save you money by helping you find parking a lot faster.

You’ll save a lot in fuel per month

At 40p per mile average, knowing exactly where the best parking is will save you a lot of fuel normally wasted circling around.

Avoid PCN’s and save £60 on parking fines

By always being aware of all parking restrictions and avoiding even 1 PCN that’s £60 saved which you’ve already covered with your premium subscription. 

What they’re saying


An incredibly useful app if you're parking in London and don't have a clue how to interpret the parking signs which seem to change on every corner!


App is really simple to use and makes understanding parking restrictions and navigating to parking bays in London really easy. Definitely recommend this app if you drive and park in London often.


Nothing annoys me more in London than the time of life I've wasted trying to find parking and this app certainly makes it much easier.


Anything that can help make parking a no brainer is a win. It's one less thing to stress or worry over when you're out and about. Good job.


I am instantly able to view parking restrictions on street, removing any worry of receiving a fine out of the equation. Being able to search for free bays easily saves me money too!

What do you get with Premium?

Choose your plan and start saving from your very first journey


per month


per month

Search by location, date, time and duration
Zone view: CPZ level restrictions and rules
Paid bays and car parks
Unrestricted bays
Single / double yellow lines
Resident bays
Loading bays
Motorcycle bays
TfL Red routes
Daily and weekly timeline view for all bays and zones
Filter parking by price and bay type
List view: nearest, cheapest and max stay
Follow-me mode and navigation
Street view
Start for free Start for free

Are there more plans?

We have a selection of plans to suit your needs. Starting with our most popular monthly rolling subscription at £4.99 going up to our 6 month and yearly plans with even greater savings. Every plan comes with a 2 week free trial once your premium membership is confirmed.

Plan discounts

Our plans offer a range of savings starting from £3.74 /month on our yearly subscription giving you our biggest saving of 33% or you can save 20% at £4.16 /month for 6 months. Our most popular and convenient is our £4.99 /month rolling subscription giving you more flexibility.

What does free vs premium look like?

See how our free and premium offerings stack up visually

Premium users save time, money and fuel. Every time.

Start your two week free trial today and see how much you can save from your very first journey

Why choose AppyParking+ premium?

See how AppyParking+ can help you save from the very first use by quickly finding free and cheaper parking every time you’re on the move.

Know where and when it’s free or cheaper

Uncover free or cheaper on-street parking and save hundreds of pounds every year.

Avoid circling around and save fuel

Drive directly to the best parking spot near your destination.

Full parking info in +450 UK Towns

We’ll help you find parking easily all across the UK.

Plan your parking days ahead

Be aware of all restrictions, operating hours and costs ahead of your journey.

Hands-free navigation to the best parking spots

Turn-by-turn navigation to the 5 best parkings options near your destination.

Avoid parking fines by knowing all the restrictions

Never get caught off guard. Always know when and where you can park and load.

Stop stressing about parking

Download AppyParking+ for free today

Businesses? Explore our Enterprise plans

If your business has a fleet of over 20 vehicles, get in touch with our Sales team today and see how we can optimise your operation, reducing aborted jobs and all parking related costs.

Frequent questions and answers

Want to know more? To help you start your AppyParking+ journey we've curated our most frequently asked questions

Do I need the premium plan to use the app?

You don’t. If you prefer, you can keep using the Free plan, however, you will not benefit from most of our best features that will help you save time, money and stress every time you park. See the comparison here.

Can I try premium for free?

Yes! You can try the Premium features for free via a 2 week free trial.

How can I save money if I'm paying for premium?

Please read this section for more detail on the savings, but as a quick example, parking fines can cost up £90. If we can prevent you from getting just one parking fine then we’ve already saved you money!

What's the main difference between premium and the free plan?

The main difference between Premium and the free plan is the parking intel you can access. With Premium you can view full restriction details, daily restriction timelines and a weekly view of restriction changes. See comparison here.

Can I use my premium plan on more than one device?

Your Premium subscription is logged to your App Store or Play Store account. You can use it in devices that share the same account and operating system.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes, you can cancel anytime and we won’t charge you anything else once your current subscription ends.

Start saving time, money and stress with the most comprehensive parking app in the UK

Download for free

Start saving time, money and stress with the most comprehensive parking app in the UK

Download for free