The Team

As a team we have created a collaborative and supportive culture where everyone contributes their specialist skills and experience, but also has a voice in our key decisions. We’ve developed a range of growing benefits for all AppyParkers to support every member of the team as we grow.

We have a philosophy of growing through partnership and work closely with many leading companies and UK Councils including Google, Vodafone, Ford, Nwave, Visa, Coventry City Council, Reading City Council, Westminster City Council. We are also a graduate of the prestigious Microsoft Ventures accelerator programme (2014).

Our investors include, Aviva Ventures Ltd and Premier Parking, and we have successfully launched multiple revenue generating products in the mapping, navigation, and payment sectors.

We have just embarked on a substantial Series A round and are looking for more talented AppyParkers to join the team so if you have a genuine interest in mapping, navigation, autonomous vehicles, MaaS, DaaS, SaaS ;), smart cities, or multi-modal transport please get in touch at any time.

We are hiring! Come and join the team