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BLE Sensors



What We Did

Smart City Parking System

The Problem

Cities across the UK have a lack of visibility of bay utilisation leading to lost revenue opportunities. Drivers encounter frustrations when locating and paying for car parking, there are over capacity issues at major car parks and increased congestion citywide. Tight revenue budgets are putting pressure on delivery and parking is often one of the biggest income generators. AppyParking is offering one lucky city the chance to become a truly Smart City, using our latest BLE Sensors.

The Solution

In close collaboration with Visa, AppyParking will be able to offer the chosen city a Smart City Parking System that will optimise parking utilisations, payment revenues and enforcement while reduce congestion and pollution. The proposal will see the city receive the latest Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) parking sensors deployed and integrated with AppyParking’s free award winning app and back office systems.

The objective of this proposal is to create a smart city demonstration, showcasing cutting edge parking guidance and frictionless parking payments with the aim of improving the management of existing parking assets and enhance the user experience of parking.

The Benefits

Drivers will see a number of benefits including reduced time searching for parking, pay-as-you-go parking payments eliminating overpayments, an end to parking tickets and the ability to make an informed decision relating to their journey.

There are also many benefits for councils. No capital expenditure required for the hardware, a faster turnover of bays, a low communication network infrastructure, minimal civil work, non-intrusive and fast system installation and data that opens up opportunities for Mobility as a Service (MaaS).