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Since 2013 we have made it our mission to Make Parking Forgettable™ for drivers around the UK. With a decade of parking expertise under our belts we’ve amassed quite a collection of tips and tricks for ‘Appy parkers. So to help you this Easter as you hunt for eggs or hop off on holidays around the UK, we wanted to share our favourite parking hacks to help you save time and money. Let’s crack on with the list… 🥚


  • You can park in Motorcycle bays in Westminster outside controlled hours
  • London has 4 different blue badges where some badges cannot park in Kensington and Chelsea, Camden, City of London, Westminster


  • Always check the parking near your destination before you set off from home, destination information can reduce wasted time (an average of 5 to 10mins) and fuel, and gets you closer to your end destination
  • Generally, on-street parking is closer to your destination than off-street multi-storeys
  • Not all loading bays were created equal, some become free parking in certain areas, so always check the signs!
  • Single yellow lines can be free right next to a paid bay, again, always check the signs!
  • In some towns and boroughs, drivers may park on school keep clear lines on Sundays, again always check the signs before parking!
  • Single red route lines and red route bays are free to park outside of certain hours, please check the signs before parking!
  • On double yellow lines you can load for 20-40 mins, always check the signs before loading and unloading
  • Rules and restrictions of yellow lines and paid bays change around stadiums and venues when matches are played and concerts are on
  • Always check AppyParking+ for controlled parking zones, the difference between one side of a signpost and the other could mean paid and restricted or free parking

Holidays and events

  • Different boroughs and towns have different bank holiday rule – even the parking wardens need a holiday too! To find which authorities do not enforce on a bank holiday check AppyParking+ or look on the council website. Miles of yellow lines can offer VIP parking on bank holidays
  • A tip if you’re going to the seaside, when driving to the sea on a sunny weekend, motorists tend to drive as near as possible to the promenade to find parking. Controlled zones tend to protect residents in close proximity but if you look on AppyParking+ you will you can park for free within 1/2 mile of the sea.