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Last year we were busy behind the scenes building something new, something fresh and something we hope drivers up and down the UK will turn to as their co-pilot. We wanted to build an app that would be the first port of call before setting off and a simple step drivers undertake for smoother, cheaper, shorter journeys. 

And so… we built AppyParking+. Our new driver app that aims to do all of the above and more. With better planned journeys we can collectively reduce miles driven, reduce fuel usage, and make our cities much more accessible. 

This new app comes with new features, a new look and feel, and in some cases a new, but better, way of doing things. We want to make sure there’s no surprises and you can get to grips with the new app quickly so you can start saving time and money, fast. 

We know sometimes change can be scary so if you run into any issues or if you have any questions or feedback, do not hesitate to reach out to and one of the team will be on hand to answer your queries. Your feedback is valued and helps our development team make tweaks and improvements that enhance your parking experience, so don’t be shy! Drop us a line! 

Let’s get to it. Read on to see what’s changed and check for a treat at the end

What’s changed

Setting your preferences

In our shiny new app we’ll ask you to set your vehicle, fuel, permit, and walking time preferences. We’ve included this step to make sure we’re giving you the best possible search results. Every person and journey is different so we want to ensure the results are personalised – just for you. 

Different views for zones and bays / lines

In AppyParking+ we now show zones and bays separately for a much clearer understanding and better visualisation of all your parking options. Switching between these views also helps to avoid conflicting data, providing a much more accurate representation of restrictions at your destination. 

More bay types displayed

In addition to all the essential bay types you’re familiar with from our original app, we’ve added in loading bays, car club bays, double and single yellow lines. More bay types = more opportunities for you to find the best parking spots!  

Search results are different

We’ve updated the maps we use so the way locations appear in your searches might be a little different than before. It’s something our development team is busy improving. 

Map filters are being improved

You might notice fewer filters in AppyParking+ but this is something we will release very soon, with even more options. So watch this space! 

Daily and weekly restrictions

We’ve changed things up a bit to give you a more detailed and visual view of how restrictions change throughout the day and week. You can see all operating hours 24/7, enabling you to quickly find free parking outside of controlled hours. 

Knowing when restrictions will change

There’s lots of awesome parking intel packed into AppyParking+. To ensure you’re making the most out of the app we’ve added handy prompts like “Free to park soon” or “Restrictions end in 10min”,  giving you even more info to find the best and cheapest places to park.

Setting your walking time to destination

Your journey time from A to B doesn’t end when you find a parking space. You’ll often need to walk from the parking bay to your final destination. We want you to find parking that is a walking distance you’re comfortable with. In the new app you can set your max walking time and we’ll highlight all relevant parking on the map. You can adjust this preference at any time. 

More accessible user experience

We want drivers across the UK to have access to detailed parking restriction information. To do this we needed to ensure the app was accessible and intuitive for everyone so we’ve made a number of improvements to the user experience. Things will look different, but trust us when we say this change will only improve your access to information that saves you time and money in your search for parking.

Coming soon…

New and improved sorting and filtering

Sorting and filtering is undergoing some improvements, including creating a much more user-friendly experience that will provide a list view that will allow you to sort by price, distance, and longest stay, as well as filtering by bay type.

Wider coverage beyond London

Our mapping team is hard at work mapping more and more streets, adding more details and improving accuracy everyday. You can help us by submitting data requests within the app. 

Improved last metre navigation, from A to P(arking)

We’re currently showing and guiding you to the best 5 parking bays near your destination, and we keep improving to make this even better and easier to follow while you drive. 

Phew! We have been busy haven’t we! 

We’d love for you to make the move to AppyParking+ as soon as possible. Have a play around and use all the cool new features. If you run into any problems, contact and one of the team will be happy to help!


1 month free trial instead of the standard 2 weeks, exclusive to users of our older version of AppyParking.